After the acquisition of Textile Well, the production of hosiery, as well as in Ceresara (Italy), is developed in Le Vigan (in the south of France), with an additional production capacity of 18 million pairs per year.

The production cycle for hosiery is completely automated, thanks to the most advanced technology of the world. The cycle can be synthetically described in the following phases:

  1. TEXTURING. In texturing the yarn is worked to acquire elasticity.
  2. KNITTING. The tubular sections are then knitted and will become the legs of the tights.
  3. ASSEMBLY. The tubular sections are assembled into tights, then completed with a gusset.
  4. IRONING. The production creases are eliminated by the ironing.
  5. FIXING. The fixing gives the tights the anatomical shape of the leg and foot.
  6. DYEING. The tights pass through the dye-house where they are treated in a range of 100 colors.
  7. PACKAGING. Finally, after drying and final control, the tights are automatically packaged.


Corsetry, underwear, bodywear and beachwear are designed with qualified phases of cutting, style and sewing.
The most qualified phases of the Lepel production cycle are made in the Carpi site.

  1. ATELIER: the design of the garments, the study of the prototypes and the meticulous preparation make this department the firm’s real strength.
  2. RAW MATERIAL QUALITY CONTROL: all the materials used are painstakingly checked (quality of weave and color).
  3. FABRIC CUTTING: the fabrics are cut automatically using a CAD-CAM system that links the atelier to the sales office and the machines, to guarantee absolute precision and to keep waste to a minimum.
  4. TRIM CUTTING: for articles made of uncut scalloped lace, this has to be cut by hand, using special equipment.
  5. SEWING: the individual pieces of fabric are sewn together, carefully respecting manufacturing cycles.
  6. PACKAGING: the articles are packaged automatically.

The last two operations are mainly outsourced.


CSP is leader also in distribution, with a presence on international markets.
CSP Group operates through a comprehensive multi-channel distribution structure, as follows:

  • 5 sales networks are operating in Italy, with 75 agents and 75 merchandisers;
  • 2 distinct sales networks are operating in France, with 50 agents and 120 promoters;
  • about 50 distributors are operating in more than 40 countries in the world.

Deliveries are guaranteed by:

  • specialized transport;
  • special deliveries within 48 ore;
  • own vehicles.