Corporate Governance

SHARE CAPITAL € 17.361.752,42 I.V. – VOTING SHARES 39.949.514

List of shareholders with voting rights of more than 5% Number of shares %
Bertoni Maria Grazia (1) 9.780.500 24.48
Bertoni Francesco 8.615.214 21.57
Moré Giuseppina (2) 2.787.470 6.98
Total shareholders with voting rights exceeding 5% 21.183.184 53.03
Own shares 1.000.000 2,50
Floating shares 17.766.330 44.47
Total shares 39.949.514  100

(1)   of which n. 4,000,000 shares with the sole right of usufruct. Bardini Giorgio has the bare ownership.
(2)   shares with the sole right of usufruct. The bare ownership of the shares is divided between the 3 sons: Carlo, Mariangela and Mario Bertoni.

Board of Directors Chairman and Managing Director Francesco Bertoni
Managing Director Carlo Bertoni
Director Giorgio Bardini
Independent Director Rossella Gualtierotti
Independent Director Beatrice Graziano
Board of Statutory Auditors Chairman Guido Tescaroli
Acting statutory Stefano Ruberti
Acting statutory Marta Maria Renoffio
Substitute statutory Silvia Rodi
Substitute statutory Stefano Ficarelli
Control and Risk Committee Chairman Rossella Gualtierotti
Beatrice Graziano
Giorgio Bardini
Nomination and Remuneration Committee Chairman Rossella Gualtierotti
Beatrice Graziano
Supervisory body Chairman Rossella Gualtierotti
Beatrice Graziano
Guido Tescaroli
Lead independent director Rossella Gualtierotti
Manager in charge of preparing corporate accounting documents Arturo Tedoldi
Investor Relations Manager Simone Ruffoni
Auditors PriceWaterhouseCoopers S.p.A.

Corporate Governance

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Model 231
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